Let’s Go PARTY ! (2014)

EP created in 2014 while LowFilter lived in Paris (France).
released December 21, 2014



This EP has been very difficult to make because LowFilter had his hands on fire the whole time. After 7 burned laptops he decided to meditate in the coldest cave of Antartica for a full year. When there was no ice left in the south hemisphere, the fire started to make music, which attracted the few remaining penguins. LowFilter then just asked one of them to hold a poor microphone to record the music. This is how the EP that lead him and the penguins to go party all over Antartica’s free lands arose. Once the recording was done LowFilter’s hands stopped burning and never did again. For ethical reasons, he did not release the EP until the ice renewed itself in Antartica. He lived happily ever after.