Eastern Irish Pirate Blues (2016)

Eastern Irish Pirate BluesGET THIS EP


EP created in 2015 – 2016 during LowFilter’s PhD in Orsay (France).

released December 30, 2016

One night, LowFilter partied too hard, and he decided to become a pirate. He left France with his new pirate crew, straight to America. Him and his crew shared a lot: killing, looting, raping… They even wrote a song called “Le Chœur des Pirates”. As they were getting closer to their destination, they crossed a very heavy storm that destroyed the entire ship. LowFilter drifted for several months with a poor piece of wood he managed to grab during the shipwreck. Exhausted, he finally found earth on the American east cost. He decided to walk to the west cost in order to meditate about the horrible months he just spent drifting. During his journey, he met a bluesman who travelled with him for a few weeks. They wrote together the “Blues Trance”. Once he reached the west cost, LowFilter wanted to go back to his natal country, and he took the first plane flying to Europe. The flight stopped in Bulgaria. Since LowFilter always liked Bulgarian yoghurt, he decided to stay there for a while. One day, he met a vegetarian guy. As LowFilter started to feel bad about killing and raping so much during his piratehood, this man managed to convince him to turn veggie too. He wrote “Bulgarian Vegetarian” as a tribute to this man. One day, the stooges decided to follow an old Irish farmer called Darby O’Leary. This farmer promised a wonderful treasure if they helped him with growing potatoes on his lands. They did help him, but never got the treasure…

Get ready for an eclectic psychedelic journey through musical genres.